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National Museum Wales’s seaweed collection consists mainly of mainly British material and contains around 422 species, representing two thirds of all British seaweeds. Within the collections, there are representatives of some UK Biodiversity Action Plan seaweed species, for example Anotrichium barbatum (a red seaweed) and Phymatolithon calcareum (a coralloid red seaweed). The largest single collection of seaweeds at NMW is that of 1131 specimens purchased from E.M. Holmes in 1922.

Significant seaweed collections made by Sue Hiscock throughout Wales were purchased in the 1980’s and 90’s. Sue Hiscock is the author of the popular British Seaweed Field Keys produced by the Field Studies Council. Included in the collections were specimens from detailed surveys to map the seaweeds of Skomer Island from intertidal and subtidal habitats. Skomer Island off Pembrokeshire is renowned for its marine life and is one of only three Marine Nature Reserves in the UK. 

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